Welcome Everyone!

Feel free to join me on my journey exploring the world of business; specifically Accounting, Learning & Online Communication.

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Sharnee and welcome to my blog “Reflections of a Business Uni Student”. Just a bit of quick info about myself; I am 20 years of age and currently working as a Personal Banking Consultant for a financial organisation in Mackay/North Queensland. I currently live with my Partner, his beautiful family and my cat who is named Mr Colin (no I am not a crazy cat lady and yes his name is really Colin haha).

The purpose of this blog is to share info regarding one of my uni subjects called Accounting, Learning & Online Communication and most likely everything in between (in case you were wondering I am studying a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts via distance education).

Stay tuned, I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to chatting with everyone soon.

Best of luck,


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